A Field Guide to Long Island Sound

A lavishly illustrated guidebook to the rich natural history of Long Island Sound and its New York and Connecticut coastlines.

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Long Island Sound consists of a diverse collection of unique marine, estuarine, and terrestrial ecosystems located in one of the most densely populated regions in the United States. The Sound and its coastlines are home not only to myriad species of plants and animals—from shorebirds and turtles to whales, seals, and fish—but also to more than twenty million people.

Until now there has been no single reference for those interested in exploring the Sound’s rich natural history. Author, photographer, and scientific illustrator Patrick Lynch has filled this gap. Brimming with maps, photographs, and drawings created by the author, this guide introduces readers to the full breadth of the Sound’s environs from shorelines to deepest waters. With coastal areas at particular risk from climate change and pollution, Lynch’s timing couldn’t be better. Whether you are interested in the area’s geology and meteorology, its history of human intervention, or its best and most accessible parks, nature reserves, and bird sanctuaries, you are sure to find this compendium indispensable.


  • Entries on 600 coastal, estuarine, and marine species, including seabirds, whales, dolphins, fish, sea turtles and other reptiles, and the major plant communities
  • More than 700 color illustrations and photographs
  • 36 detailed maps created just for this book
  • Overviews of key ecological communities, including beaches, salt marshes, rocky shores, coastal forests, and near-shore and deep-water environments
  • Discussions of environmental issues, including human history of the region, climate change, and sea-level rise

Illustrations and page spreads from the Field Guide to Long Island Sound:


Available online from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indie Bound | Powell’s


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