A Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife


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This beautifully illustrated guide covers an unprecedented range of species that may be sighted along the coastline or offshore by the whale watcher, bird watcher, fisher, boating enthusiast, or natural history buff. Designed in a handy pocket size, the book provides concise information for identifying the invertebrates, mammals, birds, turtles, fish, sharks and rays, and even floating seaweeds and common algae that live along the Atlantic coast and offshore from North Carolina to the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

With range maps and text on pages directly opposite the full-color illustrations, the book makes identification of more than two hundred species of offshore wildlife quick and easy. Special features include full-page spreads to compare similar species of seabirds, and inserts to help identify whales by their blowhole patterns, diving, and other behaviors.


Those with an interest in ocean life know that surprises often appear dangling at the end of a fishing line, floating beside the boat, washed up on the shore, or flying overhead. This is the ultimate guide for those who are curious about such creatures and the marine environment in which they dwell.


May 2005, 256 p., 6.2 x 9.25″ Paper ISBN: 0-300-10658-0 $19.95. Yale University Press.


Available online from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indie Bound | Powell’s

“This guide provides a handy, beautifully illustrated, single reference to the many marine organisms most likely to be encountered in North Atlantic waters, and it should be particularly useful for anyone making offshore whale watching excursions.”
Wayne R. Petersen, Swarovski Birding Community

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