Books by Patrick J. Lynch


I’ve authored or co-authored eight books with Yale University Press, including the four editions of the Web Style Guide. I’m currently working on my ninth book, a field guide to Cape Cod and the regional islands of southern New England and Long Island. 


A Field Guide to Long Island Sound. Patrick J. Lynch, Yale University Press, 2017.

My latest book is a comprehensive field guide to the natural history of Long Island Sound. This guide covers all the major habitats, plants and animals, and human ecological history of the Sound.


Web Style Guide, 4th edition. Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton. Yale University Press, 2015.

This completely revised fourth edition of the Web Style Guide is centered on user experience design and the rise of mobile computing and responsive web design. This edition also features extended strategy and project management sections, and a thorough integration of web accessibility techniques throughout the chapters.


Campo Dei Fiore: A Visual Essay. Patrick J. Lynch. Apple iTunes Bookstore, 2014.

I published this extended photographic essay on my favorite area of Rome as an ebook on the Apple iTunes bookstore. The book includes short examinations of the ancient Roman and Renaissance history of the Campo dei Fiore and the surrounding neighborhoods, and includes a number of my favorite recipes from the Rome area.


A Field Guide to the Southeast Coast and Gulf of Mexico. Noble S. Proctor and Patrick J. Lynch. , Yale University Press, 2012.

This book, with its unique focus on the entire marine coastal environment, is the most comprehensive and up-to-date field guide available on the southeastern Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast.


Web Style Guide, 3rd edition. Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton. Yale University Press, 2008.

The third edition of the Web Style Guide was a complete re-write that featured the rise of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the more sophisticated page structures and typography enabled by CSS and other web standards.


A Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife. Noble S. Proctor and Patrick J. Lynch. , Yale University Press, 2005.

Designed in a handy pocket size, the book provides concise information for identifying the invertebrates, mammals, birds, turtles, fish, sharks and rays, and even floating seaweeds and common algae that live along the Atlantic coast and offshore from North Carolina to the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.


Web Style Guide, 2nd edition. Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton. Yale University Press, 2001.

The second edition of the Web Style Guide featured completely revised content and full-color printing.


Web Style Guide, 1st edition. Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton. Yale University Press, 1999.

This first edition of the Web Style Guide sold over 200,000 copies, and has been translated into 12 international editions.


Manual of Ornithology. Noble S. Proctor and Patrick J. Lynch. Yale University Press, 1993.

This award-winning book—a visual guide to the structure and anatomy of birds—is one of the most heavily illustrated ornithology references ever written, and is widely used in university ornithology courses. A concise atlas of anatomy, it contains more than 200 specially prepared accurate and clear drawings that include material never illustrated before.

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